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      Where are you going? asked Keeling.Never mind what Mr Silverdale would say, he said. Tell me what it is that you understand. Now, quick, what is it you understand?

      You told me about Pan, he said. I had never heard of him before.Well, just this once, said Alice, pouring him out another cup.

      He bowed his head with a marvellous proud meekness, and left her.

      Yes, well see them together some Saturday afternoon then, she said. I wont have any hand in your not going to Cathedral on Sunday morning. I suppose we must be getting back. What time was it when you looked at your watch just now?

      He could not complete that outrageous falsity with Alices eyes fixed on him. She waited, she longed to withdraw her hand from under his: it itched to pluck itself away and yet some counter-compelling influence from herself kept it there, delighting in his touch. The resentment at the encouragement she had received, which had provoked this ghastly fiasco, faded from her, her shame at having precipitated it faded also, and her mind, even in this cataclysm, but sunned itself in his presence. But that lasted only for a moment, her shame toppled it off its pre-eminence again, and again her sense of the wanton flirting of which she had been the victim banished her shame. Never in all the years of her placid existence had her mother felt the poignancy of any one of those emotions which made tumult together in Alices heart. And as if that was not enough, another added its discordant shrillness to the Babel within her. She pulled her hand away.


      It will reproduce all pictures certainly by him, she said, and a quantity of his sketches, with his drawings of flying machines, the Venice ones, you know. It will be published to subscribers only.And considering that last year there was a{74} deficit, he said, where would you get your money to pay the interest?



      Good-evening, Miss Propert, he said. I want you, if you will, to leave your work now, and come into the drawing-room to talk to my wife and daughter for a few minutes, while I ring for a cab for you. It is snowing hard.